Color is Back

Say goodbye to plain white walls. Color is officially back in style. Whether you’re looking to spice up your home before the holidays or just want to give a room a fresh look, SOS can help!

Accents Bring Out the Architecture
Not ready to take the leap into a room with four walls of color? Try adding some accent walls. SOS can assist in choosing colors and locations for accent walls that highlight your architecture and furnishings without overpowering the home with color.

Warm Shades
If you’re not sure whether or not you’re ready for color, ask SOS about using warm shades of taupes and tans. Adding a slightly warmer color to your walls can bring out details such as moldings and casings, and gives your room a cozy yet elegant feel.

Go Bold
Ready for a drastic change? Try a warm spice or cool blue to bring a whole new look to an old room. Bold colors can be overpowering if you choose the wrong shade, but our professionals can assist you in choosing the right color for your room. We analyze the lighting and other factors that affect the way a shade looks on the wall to assist you in choosing a color that gives you the look you want the first time.